We Are Media Sherlocks

We take a data-driven approach to solving problems with an audience-first mentality. We are relentless trackers with an uncanny ability to follow the consumer journey.

We are data driven story makers

Founded in 2015, Bloodhound is a digitally-focused integrated marketing agency based in Dallas, TX.


The moment a person expresses interest or decides they need a product is the exact moment to activate a relevant, real-time experience. Our person based targeting approach starts with customer identity and then reaches them at every touchpoint. This form of targeting is where the industry will naturally go, but where we already are.

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According to eMarketer, disruptive technologies have caused consumer expectations to shift. While most executives agree that a digital transformation is necessary in order to keep up with competitors, many are unsure where to begin or what it entails. We can help.


  • Audience Research
  • Channel Selection
  • Media Mix


  • Insights
  • Optimizations

Media Buying

  • Broadcast
  • Digital
  • Advanced TV
  • Social
  • Print
  • Sponsorships
  • Out of home
  • Experiential

We’ll get you on the right path.

Meet the team.
Lindsay Weeks
Managing Director
Between training for marathons, Lindsay amassed 10 years of experience, blending business analytics and digital media strategy to help brands cross their finish lines. When not pounding the pavement, this Austin native leverages audience-first insights to drive results for her clients.
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Carrie Pinkley
Director, Social Media
Growing up fascinated with the advertising world, Carrie found her calling when she discovered strategy and media. For a decade, she’s been diving deep into paid, owned & earned media and uncovering the inner workings of the social media landscape, curing her childhood curiosity for how it all works.
Ann Marie Patten
Ann Marie Patten
Director, Broadcast/Print Media
Responsible for the overall direction of broadcast and print investment for all clients, Ann Marie provides innovation and new thinking to ensure strategic execution of media buys. Born in Maine, this avid sailor now navigates the uncharted waters of the media landscape.

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